Drawing Rome: Porta Maggiore

The drawing explores Porte Maggiore as an integral piece of ancient infrastructure and as a contemporary urban node. Porte Maggiore allows for a drawn excavation at many scales: from the relationship of brick coursing and the flow of water, and the integration of the gate into the Aurelian wall.

Porta Maggiore is a monument, a critical infrastructural element, and the site of a unique tomb. The gate can be understood from the scale of the city and region, as well as the tension between formal design strategies and urban realities. The drawing examines issues of infrastructure, scale, and time as it relates to the development of the city of Rome as well as the act of drawing.

Final Drawing, Porta Maggiore and Aurelian Wall, 66" x 60", Graphite on paper (all drawn on site)

© 2023 Matthew Bohne  — Brooklyn, New York