Screen Space

The work explores the role of periodicity in the construction of space defined by light. The final installation consists of three components: two encased pendulum lights, and a partition, which is placed between the two lights. The pendulum swing, and thus, its period, is determined by the force applied by the visitor. As the pendulum swings past its case, the space around oscillates between light and dark. In this way, the space to the four sides assumes various roles, and whether it is made evident by the presence or absence of light.

Straddling between the two lit sides, the partition collects the oscillating shadows, which is periodically interrupted by visitors. The use of linear LED lights creates an array of shadows that are “thrown” against the wall and floor.

Selection of work from Screen Space with Sarah Oppenheimer and Joseph Zinter

© 2023 Matthew Bohne  — Brooklyn, New York